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インターナショナル・フォトグラフィーアワード IPA 2019 (国際写真賞)、「スペシャル トラベル/ワンダーラスト部門」に於いて、1位を受賞させて頂きました。

ドローン撮影作品は、「ネイチャー 空撮/ドローン部門」、「ネイチャー シーズン部門」、「ファインアート 風景部門」に入選させて頂きました。


I have been honored to win the 1st place of the Special Travel/Wanderlust category of International Photography Awards(IPA) 2019, Lucie Foundation, the world's biggest global photography competition.

Also the three Drone photographs awarded the honorable mention of the Fineart Landscape category, and the Nature Drone/Aerial category.

My work "Blanc" has been awarded the Winning placement in the 2019. and will be published in the IPA Annual Book of Photography.
Thank you so much for all..

1st place - Special Travel/Wonderust category

into the endlessy world

Honorable mention - Fine Art-Landscape
Honorable mention - Nature : Seasons

The road, follow like life's river.

Honorable mention - Nature-Aerial / Drone

Cold was colder, and the piece of ice floating in the sea is like flock birds.

International Photography Awards:
International Photography Awards

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