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“Seamlessly” will exhibit at the art museum in Beijing.

My photography works “Seamlessly” will exhibit at the art museum in Beijing.

21th.Dec.2019 to 21th.Jan.2020
at Hua Cai Art Museum, Beijing.
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Hua Cai Art Museum (华彩美术馆)

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At that moment when the pure white fog cleared, rays of light swept across the village on the other side of the bay. There were rain drops scattered across the viewfinder as I gazed at the paths that stretched between the rocks that traced the villages here, each of them covered in greenery.
At that moment when I felt the drops touch my cheeks, I felt I was one with the world before me. I began to wonder just where here ended and there began, or whether a boundary between the two existed at all.
In that world in which nature and humanity live together, there is limitless gradation. I strangely wondered just where I was at that moment, or if I was even standing there at all.

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