In the south of Japan, there is a mysterious island called Yakushima.
This small island is embraced by a magnificent natural landscape, exuding the essence of "life," an island that draws visitors in with its wonder. The old trees that have aged over thousands of years, standing strong throughout time, holding a sense of presence beyond reason, their forests punctuated only by the megalithes that appear suddenly in their midst with the atmosphere of ancient ruins from many years past.

What did ancient people feel about the power of nature?
I imagine that they must have spun their experiences into stories, transforming this existence that exceeds humanity's conception with innate creativity. Together with the reminder of humanity's everlasting relationship with nature, I feel an absolute and calming sense of awe, reverence, and gratitude for this natural phenomenon.

This work photographed by drone.
Like an ancient story of creation, you can transform to experience it all from your own perspective, flying like a bird, swimming through the sky like a fish.
Rotate the imaginary propeller, swim through the sky, and breathe.



Beyond There 2017/11/21-26 @ gallery fu
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